Newsletter 11: Friday 24th July

Some positive stories this week with a big announcement on public sector pay. Public sector pay is always challenging as it comes with a hefty price tag, but given the restrictions on public sector pay since 2010 it is important we ensure people working hard in the public sector are given a fair settlement. Particularly in light of everything many have been doing in recent months. We also have another great community champion to thanks from the CAT community radio scheme. 

In Nantwich a number of people have been in touch with me about the Muller development. I this it was wrong to let it go ahead and I have asked Cheshire East to appeal this decision. See more below on this.

Some good news also about visits to care homes now being allowed and changes to shielding rules, you can find the guidelines below. Also worth again highlighting there is a really good FAQs on all the rules-

Dr Kieran Mullan
MP for Crewe & Nantwich

Public Sector Pay Rise
Community Recycle Cycles
CAT Award - Charlie Carroll
Fire Station Charity Bike Ride
Meeting with Transport Secretary
Shielding Update
Visits to Care Homes
Muller Development
Traffic Report


Public Sector Pay Rise:

 I am pleased to see that almost 900,000 of our hardworking Doctors, Police Officers, Teachers and other public sector workers will be getting an above-inflation pay rise. The last few months have shown how much we rely on the contribution of these key workers. An increase in pay is the least we could do to show our appreciation. 

This includes:  

  • 2% rise for the Armed Forces 

  • The largest rise of 3.1% for Teachers 

  • 2.5% rise for Prison Officers 

  • Police Constables earning up to £1002 extra this year 

  • 2.8% rise for Doctors and dentists 

This pay rise follows the settlement for more than one million NHS workers who continue to benefit from the three-year Agenda for Change pay deal, under which the starting pay for a newly qualified nurse has increased by over 12% since 2017/18.

This means nurses who are still moving up their pay structures will receive an average 4.4% rise this year. There are 12,220 more nurses and health visitors working for the NHS compared to last year.

Community Recycle Cycles: 

That is one busted back wheel! I know Chris and the team at Community Recycle Cycles will sort it! Keep them in mind for your own bike repair needs in Crewe as it supports their charitable work! 


Cat Award – Charlie Carroll: 

This week’s Community Hero for The Cat 107.9 is Charlie Carroll. 9 year old Charlie has completed 30 days of music to make people feel happy and has raised an amazing £430 for the charity Mind!  

Mum Donna says “her son Charlie decided to raise money for Mind. This came about because our neighbour Paul, asked him to learn Sally Cinnamon and said he’d give him £5 if he could play it. Well, the next day he’d learnt it and wanted to give the £5 to charity”.  

Having looked into the different charities Charlie chose ‘Mind Charity’ for people who are struggling with their mental health, especially during this difficult time.   

Charlie has been out on the drive, playing his guitar every day and he even sung a few vocals on some of the tracks. Has posted different songs on Facebook page each day along with some live videos on the page as well. He has also made a number of bookmarks for people passing by who have come to listen. 

Well done Charlie! I think it is an excellent achievement and I hope Charlie enjoys his special cake made by local baker Gill Clark at Baked by Gill. I'll be continuing to highlight the award but if you know of any other stories please get in touch.      


Fire Station Charity Bike Ride: 

At the weekend I Dropped in on the team at Nantwich Fire Station making a gargantuan effort on their 24 hour bike ride raising money for the Firefighters Charity! Dread to think how hot you get cycling in the kit! Donate here 


Meeting with Transport Secretary:

I had a virtual meeting with Transport Secretary Grant Shapps this week and raised buses again! I know from constituents telling me directly and my own experience of using them that they are not reliable enough with too many simply not turning up. If you can't trust the bus to turn up so you know you will get to work or college on time you aren't going to opt for using them. The government announced a major investment plan of £5 billion for local transport including buses and I want to make sure that we make sure the companies we pay with your money deliver a good service! 


Shielding Update:

From 1 August 2020, people in England who are at high risk from coronavirus will no longer be advised to shield.  Guidance for those who are coming out of shielding can be found on the Government website:  

I understand that this is a big step that the Government has taken in response to the falling R-Value in the United Kingdom. The Government have stated that they would pause and delay this measure if the COVID-19 infection rate increases significantly. I encourage anyone who believes they will need any additional support or assistance transitioning from shielding to normal life to contact me. 

I would also again like to give my thanks to all the volunteers who are continuing to support those who are shielding. Their commitment to helping the most vulnerable people during this time is something that rightly deserves recognition! 

Visits to Care Homes:

I was very pleased with the announcement from government that visits to care homes are now permitted. I know of a lot of families and care home residents that were impacted by the pandemic and not being allowed to visit in person. For any constituents planning to visit family in care homes, please remember to contact the home in advance to ask what their policy is as whilst the government has given the green light the decision still remains with the individual homes.  

The full guidance can be found at  

Muller Development: 

I have now had the chance to read the judgement in full including the planning inspectors detailed report and I think the Secretary of State has made the wrong call here. I know the challenge the government has in building homes so our young people and families can get on the housing ladder. I also know many local people understand that. But what they also know is our local infrastructure and public services are not set up for yet more houses. 

The government has plans to increase GP numbers and police numbers but until people see services improving on the ground they are rightly going to be unhappy at more homes creating yet more pressure. 

I also know Nantwich has already had its fair share of new housing in terms of what it is Cheshire East need to deliver. We don't want to lose the character of the area. Even people on the newer housing estates probably want it to remain as green as possible around them. 

I have written to Cheshire East to ask them to appeal this decision and I will do what I can to support residents and Cheshire East in getting this decision overturned.