Newsletter 17: Friday 18th September

Life should mean life for child murderers. For most people I know that isn't a controversial thing to say. But that hasn't been the reality.

Newsletter 16: Friday 11th September

The Prime Minister has announced important changes to the measures we should abide by in the fight against Coronavirus. From Monday we should all follow the rule of 6 which limits, with a few exemptions, the number of people who can gather socially to 6.

Newsletter 15: Friday 4th September

Two things to draw your attention to which you can find out more about below. Firstly, I am running a survey asking your views on the BBC licence and whether it should be reformed. It has had a big response so far!

Get on board with the Kickstart Scheme

During the financial crisis in 2008 young people were badly affected and research shows that setbacks early in a young persons journey into work can have long term consequences. So the  Government is putting £2 billion pounds into a scheme to create jobs for young people.

Newsletter 14: Friday 28th August

Nationally the Government have been running the Back To School Safely campaign to reassure parents that school are safe places for their child to be, and that the risks associated with not returning to school are far higher.

Newsletter 13: Friday 14th August

I have been busy this week making the most of recess by visiting many parts of the constituency, talking to constituents and supporting local businesses.

Newsletter 12: Friday 7th August

Some important news from the last couple of weeks regarding the national fight against Coronavirus to be aware of, with new restrictions in certain areas of the country where the rate of transmission has increased.

Newsletter 10: Friday 17th July

Today we have been given an update by the Prime Minister on changes to lockdown rules in the coming weeks and months which you can read below. I hope this gives people some optimism on where we are heading and confidence that we can return to more of our normal lives.