Our Plan


Bexhill, Battle and the many villages that make up the constituency all have their own challenges and needs. My job wouldn't be one size fits all! But these are some of the big ticket items that make up my plan for the constituency. But I also want to hear your priorities locally – fill in my residents survey here: www.drkieranmullan.org.uk/webform/residents_survey

I know people are frustrated - I am frustrated as well. But on the national issues residents talk to me about - for example illegal immigration - we have a plan with flights to Rwanda due to take off after the election. Starmer wanted free movement, has campaign to keep foreign criminals in the UK and has vowed to scrap the Rwanda plan even if it is working. The polls show Reform far behind in Bexhill & Battle-they can't win here but could help Labour win. A vote for Reform just helps Starmer win.

Read my plan below - I'm ready to get on & deliver for you!

Polls showing Reform trailing behind in Bexhill & Battle

  • Cleaning up our waters.

    The government has brought in new unlimited fines and the tightest ever monitoring of discharges into our rivers and sea front. As our MP, it will be my mission job to relentlessly push the water companies to clean up their mess - no excuses.

  • Opposing the plans for the Northeye asylum detention centre.

    I will always be willing to stand up for my constituents if the government gets things wrong. The plans for Northeye are not the right ones for Bexhill and I will do my best to get the Home Office to reconsider. You don't win on every issue but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

  • Securing investment in our local hospitals.

    I spent more than 10 years working on the frontline of the NHS as a doctor in A&E before entering politics. I wanted to use my experience to improve the NHS for all of us. Labour will freeze plans to invest in our local hospitals.

  • Backing our High Streets and businesses.

    I have spent time speaking to retailers about how I can better support our high streets in Bexhill, Battle and the villages. We need to back our police when they take a zero tolerance approach to shoplifting.

  • Fighting on local issues that are important to you.

    Each town and village will have local issues that are important to them - whether it is speeding through our rural villages, houses being built in the wrong places, potholes on our roads or getting more public toilets opened in Bexhill - you tell me what is important to you and I will do my best