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The NHS is one of our nation’s proudest achievements and for over 70 years dedicated NHS staff have been there for us all. Whether they are doctors, pharmacists and nurses on the frontline, world leading scientists, hard-working cleaners, much needed clerical staff, caring porters, or our amazing volunteers, without the NHS staff there wouldn’t be an NHS. I have had the privilege of working for the NHS and volunteering on the frontline during the pandemic. I know first hand how amazing the staff are.

The NHS Parliamentary Awards was launched in 2018 to celebrate the NHS’ 70 birthday and recognise the outstanding contribution of staff, volunteers and others working in the health and care sector. 

As your MP I can submit nominations for the awards and I want to hear you from you, local residents, about any outstanding staff you know about  If someone showed amazing care, dedication and expertise in helping you, then you can help give them the recognition they deserve. I will be showcase all the nominees so they are recognised even if they aren't put forward as the final nominee.

Nominees could be an individual, a team, or an entire organisation. Nominees don’t have to be working within the NHS – these awards are for anyone working for or with the NHS towards the shared goal of delivering health and high-quality care, now and for future generations.

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You will see the categories below and there are questions to answer to help me understand why you think they deserve special recognition. I got to meet previous years winners and they explained to me how proud they were of the recognition of their achievements. Lets try and do the same for our local NHS and care champions!


The Excellence in Healthcare Award

The top causes of early death for the people of England are - heart disease and stroke, cancer, respiratory conditions, dementia, and self-harm. This award recognises individuals or teams who go above and beyond to improve outcomes and experiences for patients living with and beyond these major health conditions or work to prevent them.

The Excellence in Mental Health Care Award

To the individual or team that has worked across organisational boundaries to develop new and effective services to help people living with mental health problems in their community.

The Excellence in Urgent and Emergency Care Award

To the individual or team that has made improvements to how the NHS treats people in life or death situations.

This award seeks to celebrate the amazing work of our emergency care services across the country whether that’s A&E doctors and nurses, Ambulance Service paramedics and technicians, out-of-hours GPs or the 999 and 111 teams who take calls from worried members of the public. We are looking specifically for nominees who have made improvements to how the NHS treats people who need urgent care in their areas.

The Excellence in Primary Care and Community Care Award

Primary care practitioners are GPs, community pharmacists, dentists, optometrists, community midwives and health visitors, family planning or sexual health clinic staff. Equally, community care services are pivotal in supporting people to stay well and independent at home, preventing unnecessary admissions to hospitals, delivery better healthcare, ensuring that people can return home safely after being in hospital.

As the needs of patients and the wider NHS evolves, so does the role of these professionals, and this award seeks to recognise practitioners and their teams in primary or community care that are working with patients to help them stay healthy and avoid long stays in hospital or being admitted in the first place.

The Future NHS Award

To a person or team that has successfully trialled and embedded change to make better use of data and digital technology, provide more convenient access to services and information for patients and improve support for staff.

This award seeks to highlight individuals, teams and organisations that are successfully embracing the opportunities that come from advances in medical technology, data, and connectivity.

The Health Equalities Award

The disproportionate impact that COVID-19 is having on our black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) patients, friends, and colleagues has brought into stark and urgent focus the layered impacts of years of disadvantage and inequality. Health inequalities also impact may other people, including LGBT+ communities, women and people with disabilities amongst others. We know there is more we can do to prevent or delay ill health and treat people quicker.

This award is for an individual or organisation that helps the NHS to do its bit by bringing together different groups and organisations to reduce health inequalities and prevent ill health in their community.

The Nursing and Midwifery Award

We see the best of the NHS when its professionals are putting patients at the heart of care, engaging with patients and families, listening to their views, and ensuring people are treated with care and compassion.

This award is for any nurse or midwife who has used their skills to ensure that patients experience care and compassion. This award is also open to any one of the thousands of student midwives and nurses who started their careers early to support the NHS’ response to coronavirus.

The NHS Rising Star Award

This award looks to celebrate younger members of staff, volunteers or members of the public who give up their time, lend their experiences and deliver better services for themselves and others in their area.

We are looking for young members of staff (under 30 years old) or members of local groups, such as local Healthwatches, Maternity Voices Partnerships or lay/patient representatives on NHS boards, who have worked hand in hand with local services to ensure they better meet the needs of those they serve. This award is also open to any one of the thousands of student midwives, nurses and medical students who started their careers early to support the NHS’ response to coronavirus.

The Lifetime Achievement Award

For an individual who has worked within a health or care setting for 40 years or more who has left a legacy.

This award seeks to honour those who have given their life to the NHS and have left it – whether just in their area or nationally – a better service for patients and/or a better place to work for those who will follow them. We are looking for someone who has worked or volunteered within or in support of a health or care setting for 40 years or more, and who has left a lasting legacy. This award is also open to any of the thousands former NHS workers across the country who have come out of retirement to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.


If you would like any further information or examples about the categories, please visit: https://nhsparliamentaryawards.co.uk/categories



NHS Parliamentary Awards 2022

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