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If you think I'd make a good MP then why not get involved and help me get elected? It doesn't take much time to make a difference. An election campaign gives you the chance to fight for what you believe in and the person that you want to represent you. There are many ways that you can help! You can

-deliver leaflets

-call voters

-knock on doors

-help with office admin and folding letters and leaflets

And more! Get in touch ( if you would like to help me get elected! We are a friendly, welcoming bunch of people.

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Can you help local Conservatives campaign for our area? Please tick...
Councillors, candidates and activists work hard to get our message out. you can help by taking delivery rounds for your area.
It's really important that we speak to residents about our plans for the future and the way in which Labour is failing the people of Cheshire.
We need volunteers to help ensure we a full operation in target areas at the next elections.
If you would like to make a donation, tick this box, leave your details on the next page and we'll be in touch about how you can help in this way.
Not everyone is in when we knock on their door and other voters prefer a call. Let us know if you can phone voters from the comfort of your own home.
Either in your window or garden.