About Dr Kieran Mullan MP

I think we need more MPs who have real-life experience. Too often, MPs have done nothing but politics their whole lives.

I want to be a different sort of MP.

My mum was a nurse, my dad a policeman, so you could say public service runs in the family. We started living in social housing, but my parents worked hard and taught me to do the same. Prior to my election I worked as a doctor in A&E and on projects improving the whole of the NHS. I spent four years as a school governor, and four years as a volunteer policeman (good preparation for the rough and tumble of politics!) - so I have valuable experience and understanding of public services. I know what it is like to be on the front line.

I feel very lucky to serve as MP for Crewe & Nantwich, which includes Shavington, Haslington, Weston, Hough, Willaston & Rope, Wistaston and Stapeley. I have lived in the constituency since 2018.

Local issues should be the priority of every MP, so that is what I have focused on. For example, many residents contact me about how messy the alleyways in Crewe are, with too many cases of fly-tipping. To combat this, I have helped organise the ‘Crewe Alleyways Project’ in which residents volunteer to clean up and decorate alleyways near their homes, creating a sense of ownership over their community. There is still a long way to go, but it is a good start!

I have also fought for investment and funding in our area, creating jobs and opportunities for residents. For example, we are getting HS2, which will bring better transport links across the region. I am also pushing the Government to make it easier for companies to make use of Geothermal Energy, which bring more jobs and investment to the area.

As a doctor, I am championing our local health services. I am fighting for Leighton Hospital to be chosen as one of the hospitals which will receive a substantial rebuild in the Governments Hospital Building programme. You can see how you can support me further on my website.

One of my most important roles as an MP is helping local constituents with any issues they have. In 2021 alone, I was contacted over 8,000 times about one issue or another. In total I have received more than 30,000 emails, phone calls and letters.

I also enjoy going on visits around the constituency, seeing for myself the hard work of local businesses, charities, schools, and volunteers. These visits are regularly published in my weekly newsletter, which is uploaded onto the news section of my website.

If you need help or if like what you've read and want to help my campaign or if you have any questions, feel free to email me: kieran@drkieranmullan.org.uk.