Petition launched to support Nantwich Market traders

Crewe & Nantwich MP Dr Kieran Mullan and local Nantwich councillors have joined forces with Nantwich Market traders to launch a petition opposing plans to increase their rental fees by as much as 10%.

Recent proposals prepared by Nantwich Town Council discussed rental charge increases for 2020/21 of between 5% and 10%. Nantwich Town Council received widespread negative feedback from stall holders at this proposal and have agreed a 3 month freeze to review the decision.

The new Crewe & Nantwich MP is supporting the traders and is working with Cllrs Peter Groves and John Statham to help the traders collect signatures for a petition asking for any increase to be kept in line with inflation.

Kieran said “Nantwich Market is a key part of the local community and attracts visitors from all over. We all know how retailers are struggling up and down the country. We are lucky to have the market and should be doing everything we can to support our traders.”

“Following discussions with the traders and with support from some members of the Town Council, we have launched this petition calling on Nantwich Town Council to cap any rent increases to retail inflation. The traders understand they may need to pay more, but any increase needs to be competitive when we see markets in the area with little or no increase.”

Nantwich Town Council are making the final decision in 3 months time so we want to collect as many signatures as we can ahead of that decision to show them how much support  there is for the market in the local community. So sign up and encourage others to do the same!

Sue Goodwin from Burland Coach Excursions said “It is great to have the backing of our local MP and a number of local councillors and we welcome support from anyone and everyone.”

Gaynor Kirkham, from AK2 Accessories said “We love being at the heart of Nantwich and we are happy to pay or way. All we are asking for is an increase that is reasonable and affordable.”.

Kevin at Picture House Framers “I would be very grateful if residents could show their support for us all by signing the petition. It will send a really clear message to Nantwich Town Council about how important the local market is to everyone.”

Cllr John Statham said “As a town councillor I know we have to manage our budgets carefully. A rise in keeping with inflation is a reasonable compromise and I will support this.”

Cllr Peter Groves said “I hope we can persuade all of our fellow councillors to respond positively to this fair offer from the traders.”

You can sign the petition online at or by visiting the market.

You don't need an email address to sign the petition, but our website has it as a mandatory box. If you don't have an email address just put in that box. I  will only share your information with Nantwich Town Council and representatives of Nantwich Market traders. It will not be used for any party political purpose, I am working in partnership with traders on this as the MP. You will only be contacted in relation to this campaign.

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