Thousands of people signed the petition opposed to car parking charges being reintroduced earlier in the year because people know that car parking charges do not help business, especially when those charges are unfair across an area.

The long awaited review of car parking charges by Cheshire East is now online. I would encourage you to complete the full consultation ( but as it is quite extensive covering a number of issues of car parking policy I want to make it easy for people to feedback on the key issues. I will collect and send in peoples views.

Users of car parks in Nantwich and Crewe are currently charged for car parking. Users of car parks in Alsager, Bollington, Handforth, Holmes Chapel, Middlewich, Poynton, Prestbury and Sandbach are not currently charged for car parking. We pay the highest charges in the Borough. Our independent retailers and our high streets are struggling.

We have got to see change.

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Car Parking Consultation

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1.Do you support making car parking charges consistent across Cheshire East?
2. Do you support introducing more free short stay options?
3. Do you want to see more or less car parking available in our towns?
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