Vote for Dr Kieran Mullan on December 12th!

This is it! Decision time.

What do you want for the future of our country over the next few years?

We can either get Brexit done and move on to focus on peoples priorities, or we can let Jeremy Corbyn become Prime Minister and watch as the Labour Party, Liberal Democrats and SNP work together to drag everything out for months more and stop Brexit altogether.

As your Conservative candidate at this election I will back Boris's deal so we can get Brexit done and deliver 20,000 more police officers, more funding for every school and a record £35 billion for the NHS.

I think we need more MPs who have real life experience. Too often MPs have done nothing but politics their whole lives.

I want to be a different sort of MP. Watch my campaign video by clicking here (you do not need Facebook to watch the video)

My mum was a nurse and my dad a policeman. We started out living in social housing but my parents worked hard and taught me to do the same. I work as a doctor in A&E and on projects aimed at improving the whole of the NHS, so you could say public service runs in the family. I spent four years as a school governor and four years as a volunteer policeman (good preparation for the rough and tumble of politics!) so I have good experience and understanding of public services. I know what it is like to be on the front line.

I feel very lucky to have been chosen by local people to be the MP candidate for Crewe & Nantwich which includes Shavington, Haslington, Weston, Hough, Willaston & Rope, Wistaston and Stapeley. I live in Crewe near to the train station.

Local issues should be the first priority of every MP, for example residents have been telling me we need more infrastructure for new housing and to think more about where we build it. HS2 is also key for Crewe. Fairer funding for schools across Cheshire East is another local priority.

As a doctor I will be a champion for local health services but I also know we need to make the best use of public money.

I campaigned for Leave and want us to leave with the deal Boris has negotiated. They said he wouldn’t get the deal reopened and the back stop out and he did. Now we need to get the deal through Parliament and move on. Labour want to go back to the EU and start yet another negotiation taking us back to square one.

As the Conservative MP for Crewe and Nantwich I would be in the best position to work with ministers to ensure these priorities happen and my real life experience means politics isn't some abstract idea for me. I know it is about real people and the impact we have on their lives.

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