Petition against car parking charges

Cheshire East Council are planning to reintroduce parking charges on their car parks on the 15th June. Along with Cheshire East Councillors Allen Gage, Janet Clowes and others I am against this.

Bringing back charges now is a mistake. Our smaller retailers need all the help they can get. This will make it even more difficult for them to start getting back on their feet.

Businesses in Crewe & Nantwich will be doubly disadvantaged as they will be competing with places that never had car parking charges in the first place. This inconsistency has always grated on people and now we have the council ploughing ahead with plans that seem to take no account of that.

The government are rightly encouraging people to use their cars instead of public transport when cycling or walking aren't an option. Cheshire East should think again.

Cheshire East Council has claimed the reintroduction of charges is necessary to control demand and support social distancing. The Cabinet member who approved this represents Sandbach, where there are no parking charges, and I haven’t seen a plan to introduce them to there help control social distancing, I’m afraid that argument holds little water. That seems like a poorly thought up excuse at best. Retailers have raised with me that this could be seen as a conflict of interest.

I know how much people want to support their local retailers, especially now. Please sign the petition below so we can pressure Cheshire East to rethink this.

You don't need an email address to sign the petition, but our website has it as a mandatory box. If you don't have an email address just put in that box. I  will only share your information with Cheshire East Council in relation to this issue. It will not be used for any party political purpose, I am working in partnership with Councillors on this as the MP. You will only be contacted in relation to this campaign.

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