Meeting with Leighton Hospital CEO

I wanted to share an update on our campaign to get Leighton Hospital A&E extra funding.

First of all, thanks again for those that have signed the petition. We have had more than 1000 signatures!

The funding we wanted was to help over this winter, but it was money to make permanent improvements that would make a lasting impact. So the benefits would last over the rest of this year and in future.I'm not going to give up if we don't succeed quickly. In my experience you don't get a quick win during campaigns like this. It takes dogged persistence.

I have had a response from NHS Improvement the regulator. It confirmed my view that whatever the ins and outs, more effort should have been put into reaching agreement. I will write to them updating them on how many people have signed the petition and confirming my view this week.

I wanted to make sure I really understand the challenges at Leighton A&E in detail. So on my first day back on the campaign trail in 2019 I had a productive meeting with Leighton hospital CEO Tracy Bullock. Tracy explained about the increasing demand for A&E services and the challenge to meet this demand as a result of the size and lack of capacity within the current A&E. The meeting has left me even more certain that extra capital funding would have made a positive difference.

Tracy was grateful for the support of residents signing the petition. As a community we can keep pushing to get Leighton the capital funding it needs.

If you want to help and you use Facebook you can share this post to encourage people to sign:

If you still haven't signed then you can sign here:

It's been fantastic to see people who vote for all different political party's signing the petition. This campaign is something everyone can get behind.