Leighton Hospital A&E campaign success

Update Nov 2019: Leighton has received the investment for the additional capacity this winter! It is already on site being prepared for use! More details to follow.

Update: More than 4000 residents have signed the petition and we have had support from politicians from all different parties. Thank you for your support!

Last year the Government announced it was making an extra £145 million capital funding available to hospitals to help them through the busy winter period.

The NHS quango NHS Improvement was in charge of managing how the money was spent. Leighton Hospital managers made a request for funding for the A&E that was denied.

Our busy local A&E department deserves its fair share of the extra funding. Sign my petition to ask NHS Improvement to review this decision and agree to make additional capital funding available to Leighton Hospital managers to improve the A&E facilities at Leighton.

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Meeting with Leighton Hospital CEO

I wanted to share an update on our campaign to get Leighton Hospital A&E extra funding.

First of all, thanks again for those that have signed the petition. We have had more than 1000 signatures!