Illegal Encampments on the Barony

UPDATE: I have released the draft results of this survey ( and I am campaigning for Cheshire East Council to obtain a court injunction to make it easier to remove encampments. I have now worked with Friends of Barony Park to produce a plan for the perimeter which we are seeking feedback and support for: You can carry on below to complete the survey about your experiences of illegal encampments.

In the last 6 months alone we have seen multiple illegal encampments on the Barony. From speaking to residents about this I know that they have simply had enough and want action taken. I can't promise a quick fix but want to do what I can to help. I want to support residents by collecting clear evidence of what they have been experiencing and what they want done. If we have a clear collection of evidence we can use it to pressure for action.

I respect the right of people to live the lifestyle they choose. I also understand not everyone from a particular community behaves in the same way. But I personally do not respect the choice to turn a residents park into an encampment and especially not when I have seen first hand the rubbish that is left and hear from many residents about anti-social behaviour. The lack of a local site is no excuse for leaving the park in a mess.

Our website requires an email to be submitted but if you don't want to provide your email address you can just put I will write up the findings of the survey and share them with residents. If you do share your email we will only use it to contact you about this issue unless you tick the general newsletter box.


Illegal Traveller Encampment on the Barony

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Has the presence of an encampment limited your use of the Barony and its facilities? If yes, in what way?
Have you witnessed or been a victim of any anti-social behaviour?
Do you support the introduction of a form of barrier to restrict access to the Barony by unauthorised vehicles?
If you do support the introduction of a form of barrier to restrict access to the Barony, what type of barrier would you like to see? Please choose your most preferred option.
Some residents have suggested crowdfunding to get independent advice on issues like legal action that can be taken against encampments (e.g. the use of Section 106 powers) & the feasibility of a barrier. Would you be willing to contribute?