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Overall Map

A review of the perimeter identified 10 areas that allow vehicular access. These are shown on the adjacent map. There are a number of areas that already have barriers of one kind or another. There are some areas deemed low risk that may at a later date be deemed as requiring additional measures. Our proposals including a number of enhancements including

-community garden & flower pots (Area 1 and Area 10)

-a wildlife zone & community orchard (Area 6)

-a picnic area including picnic tables (Area 8)

-outdoor gym equipment (Area 10)

 The provisional plan consists of

-1 large, 1 medium and 1 small raised flower (stone or wood based)

-7 bollards (at least 4 of which would be foldable to allow access)

-5 pieces of outdoor gym equipment

-18 hanging flower baskets

-8 trees

-5 stone boulders

-6 picnic tables

-165 metres of low wooden fencing or hedge

You will be shown an overview of each section and asked to give your feedback. You do not need to comment on each section. Or you can read through and if you support the plans as a whole you can skip to the question at the end.


The southernmost corner of the park is frequently used as an entry and exit point for vehicles that are part of illegal encampments. There are considerable risks associated with this because it is a major traffic junction.

We propose creating a community garden-a triangular raised flowerbed made from either stone or wooden sleepers. We will invite and encourage local schools to be involved in the planting and maintenance of this garden. We also propose a plaque linked to the Nantwich Town Council ‘Salt of the Earth Awards’ whereby the name of an individual recognised for making an exceptional contribution to the local community be added every year.

Either side of the flower bed we propose adding two bollards which could potentially be collapsible if it was determined further authorised access points needed to be added (in addition to access points described in Area’s 3 and 5).

In keeping with our aim across all these measures, we have taken inspiration from existing features of Nantwich, in this case the flowerbed in the centre of Nantwich town centre.


Do you support the proposal for a community flower bed and bollards at the two points indicated?

Area 2

This initial stretch of Barony Road has a limited number of existing preventative measures with a significant stretch that needs to be addressed. We are suggesting a run of low hedging that may need to be reinforced with fencing initially. Low wooden fencing alone could be used.

There are two additional much smaller gaps that could be filled with planter boxes or low wooden fence. We have provided illustrations showing an example of each.




Do you support the proposal for this area?



This location serves as a key access point that creates particular requirements. A combination of low wooden fencing/hedge that extends from the building in the top left along the length of the turfed triangle along with two fold down bollards is proposed. A community access scheme could ensure wide availability of keys to enable access for events and emergency services. An assessment of the strength/durability of the co-located advertising board is also advised to determine the need to replace this with a more effective obstacle.


Do you support the proposal for this area?



This location serves as one of two car parks for the Barony. There are three stretches that need to be included with the longest running at approximately 60m as shown above. Given that this is a long stretch that at present doesn’t contain any significant natural features (beside the tree pictured) we propose low wooden fencing with gaps to maintain ease of use by car park users. Alternatively a row of boulders could be placed there.


Do you support the proposal for this area?



This is another areas which is currently used for access during events. As such we propose the introduction of foldable bollards to allow permitted access with a community key scheme. In addition, we propose the end of the car park could be converted to a gate that again could be opened to allow permitted access. We can also add an extension of approximately 10 metres of fencing to cover the other gap. Alternatively a row of boulders could be placed there



Do you support the proposal for this area?



This area is one in which we are making an ambitious proposal for reworking this into a corner supporting wilding and nature we have described as the ‘Wildlife Corner’.

This area already contains a number of trees. There are no overlooking houses that currently enjoy the view of the gap between the greenery and it represents a significant space to fill.

There have been recent plantings of trees and we propose to extend this further by planting trees in the remaining space and adding a number of boulders and wild flowers to add further habitat variety. We propose these be fruit trees to create a community orchard.

If funding allows a small pond would add the first water habitat to the Barony. At present this area suffers flooding which this could help alleviate.



Do you support the proposal for this area?



This stretch of the perimeter currently offers a particularly open view and with a number of residences offered a view. As such we propose prioritising the openness and taking advantage of a pre-existing dip in the ground. We propose landscaping this to increase the angle of decline and creating a low maintenance natural barrier.

Do you support the proposal for this area?



This stretch of the perimeter is another that currently offers a particularly open view and with a number of residences offered a view. We propose to place the 6 picnic tables along this stretch to create a picnic area for the Barony. We will need to select an appropriate model of picnic table to act as effective preventative measures as freestanding benches would not be effective. We will also need to consider additional bins nearby to minimise the risk of litter resulting from use of the picnic tables.






Do you support the proposal for this area?


This area contains one of the longest stretches currently lacking preventative measures. It also currently provides a very open view of the Barony to nearby residents. As such we propose a low wooden fence to minimise the change to the character of this view. The other smaller point of access could be filled by a single plantar box.



Do you support the proposal for this area?


There are 13 possible stretches of access along Park View, representing by far the longest stretch. Residents along Park View also have a view of the park. There are a number of mixed obstacles including trees, bins, lampposts and junction boxes. There represents a very large number of possible combinations for addressing the 13 gaps. Focus group members recognised the potential for variability but felt it would be a positive starting point to at least put forward a complete set of proposals for Park View that could be modified in consultation with residents.

Two measures have been chosen.

Firstly, we propose to work in partnership with Nantwich In Bloom to introduce a series of 18 hanging flower baskets that are commonly featured across Nantwich. Secondly, we propose to add 5 pieces of outdoor gym equipment, primarily wood based so that they stylistically match their surrounds. These would be accompanied by holds for dog leads to allow people exercising with dogs to use them.

A sample of the flower baskets is shown rather than every single one (see full report).






Do you support the proposal for this area?
Do you support the proposal in their entirety?