Coronavirus: Volunteer to help our community

Coronavirus represents a very significant public health challenge that requires all of us as a community to pull together. I am working as the MP with a wide range of local community organisations including the Wishing Well Project, Hopes and Beams, rotary clubs, and carers and seniors forums to try and make sure we work together effectively, don't duplicate and have a shared voice when asking for help and support from Cheshire East Council and Government.

We would like to recruit volunteers to help. Not only do we need to recruit volunteers to support individuals who may soon be asked to stay at home, but very many of these people may be volunteers themselves helping charities that will struggle without their support. If you are a business that wants to help in some way skip to the final question.

We will share your details with local community organisations looking for volunteers. Your details will not be used for any other purpose.

If you are a community organisation that has volunteers who might be able to help or one working with older or vulnerable people that might be affected and you have not yet been contacted please email



Community volunteers

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