Cheshire East Parking Charges

After months of waiting and promises to put forward proposals that would be fair and reasonable, I am sorry to say we have got no further forward in getting fairness for Crewe & Nantwich residents and businesses when it comes to car parking charges. Thank you to everyone that took part in my survey which made it clear residents want charges to be consistent across the Borough and more done to help support our high streets. The councils own report evidences that actually residents across Cheshire East felt the same way.

The proposals put forward did introduce charges in places where there are none, but at the same time increased the charges in some of our local car parks and introduced charges for a Sunday.  Unsurprisingly the proposals have been rejected by councillors. So we are are back to square one. We have to keep up the pressure and I will be writing to the Cllr in charge of car parking. Add your details below if you would like to add your name to my letter. You can also contact Cllr Browne yourself directly:

Add your name to my letter

Dear Cllr Browne

I was extremely disappointed to see the proposals put forward for fixing the unfairness of parking in Cheshire East.

Whilst it was an attempt to introduce charges to create some degree of fairness, it is unsurprising the proposals were rejected when it also would have meant higher charges in some car parks in my constituency. I was disappointed to see plans to introduce charges on a Sunday as well. Residents have made it very clear to me that as well as finally getting fairness, they want to support their local high streets and a more forgiving regime of charges is part of encouraging them to do that.

It is vitally important that you urgently review your proposals and come up with a plan which can introduce fairness and support our vital local high streets.

Yours sincerely

Kieran Mullan MP & the below residents of Crewe and Nantwich

Cheshire East Parking Charges Survey